Some stuff I would love to see added

Nested Clips
Color Balance
Gamma Correction
Zoom filter
Composite Layers
Keyframed Motion Tracking

Nothing too important about this post. Just some stuff that I think would be really cool additions.

There is a color grading filter in Shotcut, but I’m not sure if that’s what you are asking for. Sometimes methods like those are interchangeable but others have said there are some differences, so I’m not sure. Simple zoom(not animated), and composite layers already exist as well, respectively as, size and position filter, and the composite toggle on all video tracks shown as a “C” icon.

However keyframed filters, which would allow for an animated zoom filter, is a highly requested feature and top of the roadmap.

yes, as lauren says, there is a “color grading” filter… of which the middle tool is for gamma correction …
I know that gamma correction can be more sophisticated (like bending curves) but this one is already cool, too – I think