Some questions about usability Shotcut

after some time, I would like to know some information.

  1. Is there any possibility, how to export more videos in one job (Im’ not scared of using command line :wink: )?
  2. How can I create template? I have some project as a template with 2 video tracks some filters and same export setup, but export setup doesn’t look that is saved till I reopen this template project or is there any other way how to do it?
  3. If I add new clip to playlist, but I have full timeline with previous clips, how can I add last added clip to timeline? I know drag & drop, but is there any other way? I didn’t find any option in playlist dropdown menu. There is just “Add all to timeline”. (Or maybe if it’s existing some shortcut or keybinding for it).

That’s all for now I think :slight_smile:

Thank you for anwsers,

Have a nice weekend.


  1. At this time, you can not make an export setting for multiple outputs. However, you can queue up export jobs, and you can tell it to export each Playlist item, which will add them all to the queue using the same export settings.
  2. You can not save the export settings with an empty project. You can only save the export settings as an export preset.
  3. The only other way is to double-click the playlist item to open it in the Source player. Also, you can drag an item from the playlist to the Source player to open it in the source player. Then, you can drag-n-drop from the Source player or use one of the timeline toolbar buttons such as append, insert, overwrite. Each of these timeline actions also has one or more keyboard shortcuts.

To point 3.:

If I understood your question correctly.