Some of my clips are black screen but yet others are fine please help

so i just recently finished a 7 hour long editing session and i saved the video and uploaded it to yt and went to have a look at it to only see it was mostly a black screen and i cant find anyone else who has had the same issue please help me

Did you export it with “Hardware Encoding”. This is probably the feature that causes “black screens” the most. Try exporting without hardware encoding and see if that works.

i tried exporting it without “Hardware Encoding” but it still comes out the same way

it also if this helps a few clips come out fine mostly to the end of the montage its fine but before its all just a black screen

You will need to provide much more information for anyone to help. Which version of Shotcut are you running? Do the clips show as being black in the source viewer or only after you have exported them? What filters have you applied to the clips that are black? Is there a filter that is common to all the black clips but not to the ones that are OK? Post a screenshot of the whole Shotcut window with the playhead positioned on one of the black clips. Any other info that you think is relevant?

Im running the latest version of shoutcut and its like some of the clips are just gone because the “montage” is only around 120mb big and its supposed to be 2 minutes long. the timeline isnt showing up when i reopen the video either

i also havent added any filters other than text at the start middle and end. the black screens show up in both the source, viewer and when it gets exported. and when i try reopen the ,MLT the video is just gone

Are there any error messages in the logfile (View->Application Log)? Also, you might want to upload your MLT file for someone to look at.

i will look try and see if there are any errors but my .MLT file has no video i will upload the mp4 file though

Shotcut does not make a copy of the clips you import. If you delete the clips or move them somewhere else in your filesystem while running Shotcut or after you have closed it you will get problems similar to what you are seeing.

so its just a case of dont mess up again? aha thanks for the help though

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