Some Filters not available

What is your operating system?
Windows 11

What is your Shotcut version (see Help > About Shotcut)?

Can you repeat the problem? If so, what are the steps?
Clips-only project.

Some filters are not available in my project anymore for selection. In some of the clips the filters are still there but I cannot apply them to new clips.

Example: “Speed: Forward only”

In new project, it is available, but I have to enable it in the existing project.

Time filters are only available in projects created since version 21.05. It intentionally does not automatically update old projects. I just created a clip-only project in version 22.12. Then, I opened it in version 23.07, and I can add time filters. I did find one sequence that reproduces it. Is the same for you?

  1. Open a timeline project
  2. Open the clip-only project
  3. Filters > + > Time is empty

If I restart Shotcut and open the clip-only project the time filters do appear.
I just found another reproduction that I run into a lot more often:

  1. open timeline project
  2. open a video file
  3. Filters > + > Time is empty

I fixed for the next version the things I reproduced above.

I found the bug also applied to clip-only filters, and that was fixed by this too:

  • Blend Mode
  • Crop: Source
  • Normalize: Two Pass
  • Stabilize

I restarted Windows, opened Shotcut and directly opened my clip-only project. Timeline is empty.

Unfortunately, the filters do not appear and I cannot copy it from one of the other clips (where the filter is still available and active).

Yes, the other four filters also do not appear.

Just to be clear, maybe it was unclear: I cannot activate the filters anymore into my project, even right after restarting Windows and Shotcut. Is there any way to solve it with a workaround?

You can download the latest daily build, which is nearing release candidate and stable. download requires login

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Yes, it is working again!

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