[solved] V24.04 does not start on Linux without writing permissions?

Hi, I’ve downloaded the latest release for Linux, shotcut-linux-x86_64-240428.AppImage, copied it, as all versions before, to /usr/local/bin, set permissions to 0755 and was unable to run it from there. When executing from the console, it prints error message “bash: ./shotcut-linux-x86_64-240428.AppImage: Text file busy”. All previous versions that I used before started fine after “installing” this way.
After I copied the file from /usr/local/bin to my home directory, it had started successfully from there.
Is it a bug or intended behavior? I assume it now requires writing permissions to the directory where it is located or to the app file itself?
SHA256 of the file matches the one listed in sha256sums.txt. The system is Linux Mint 21.3 Cinnamon.

Searching the web for this, and this can happen if you are writing to it while running it. Maybe it was still copying or downloading. We have not changed anything in this regard. Try again

When I’ve tried to copy using cp and set permissions with chmod, it worked! Turned out, when copying with FAR, it does not release the file and keeps it opened for writing (I’ve checked with lsof). I could not even imagine it can happen.
Thanks so much for your help and sorry for disturbing.

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