[SOLVED] Problem With Preview Scaling with Multiple Filter

Hi, I’m still new to shotcut and I’m trying to figure out why my scale keyframed (Filter > Size, Position & Rotate) filter are not applied.

I suppose this is related to Preview Scaling.
When I turn the Settings > Preview Scaling > 540p (or other), the Zoom filter is applied.

However if I turn the Settings > Preview Scaling > None, the Zoom filter is not applied.

This is a problem if I export the video. As I know Preview Scaling is only for "Preview"ing the export. I want to turn off the Preview Scaling when exporting. However it results that my Zoom filter is not applied when exporting.

Any help would be appreciated.

Thank you.

Why are there two filters Size, Position and Rotate on the same clip?
Another interesting point you should know is that the order of certain filters is important and influences the final result.

The preview scaling has no influence on the exported video because by default the export is done at the same resolution as the project was set to (for example 1920 x 1080 30 FPS). (The scaled rendering checkbox on export is disabled by default)
If you use the automatic mode when creating a project, you should know that the first video or image file will be used by Shotcut to determine a project resolution according to this file.

What is your version and where did you get your Linux package?

  1. The first filter is for a Swipe In Transition (see screenshot below)

  2. The second filter is for zooming the title “Saucy Katsu” using keyframe

I know Preview Scaling should not affect the exported video, but somehow it is. I am using custom size (1080 x 1080 23,97 fps).

Hope it gives a clue.

On version 20.11.28

Installed using snap packages

This is not a bug with preview scaling; it is a bug when not using preview scaling and multiple Size, Position & Rotate filters. I reproduced it. To workaround it, you should change it to have one filter and keyframe both things that you need.

Thanks for your suggestion. I figured out that I can still have multiple filters and works when the filter is ordered this way:

Order 1. Size, Position & Rotate : filter for the scaling
Order 2. Size, Position & Rotate : filter for Preset - Slide In From …

We should pay more attention when turning on/off preview scaling. It applies differently to the multiple filters. It’s a minor issue, but I hope it can be fixed in the future.


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