[Solved] Importing a blurred PNG issue

I am trying to import a simple PNG with some blurred edges. The moment I drop them in Shotcut they look super bad, like it is trying to fill he opacity feathered area.

I tested this in Davincy Resolve, and they work great out of the box with no issue. Is there a solution to this?

For reference this is how the image looks outside of Shotcut

It seems that the first layer should contain a background. It’s weird but it works!

That was a design decision for our Track compositor. We do not automatically blend the tracks with a black background. This design decision is an optimization that removes an entire composition step for most use cases that already have an opaque track on the bottom.

I get what you mean but this should be made more clear somehow. I was about to switch from Shotcut to Davinci Resolve because I genuinely thought it was a bug.