[Solved] How to change video dimensions after cropping?


I’m a newb at video editing, please bear with me.

After cropping a video horizontally, I would like to make it “higher”, so to say.

For instance, if I have cropped it by 100px bottom, how can I increase the height by 100px? Something like Tv’s zoom picture feature, only it can’t be controlled and is therefore impractical.

So far, I have tried fiddling with Size & Position filter but that doesn’t seem to do what I need.

The Size setting should give the same result as zoom.
Enter a number greater than the long edge of the source, then drag the centre handle to position your image.

Thanks Steve,:slight_smile:

Yes, you are correct. And it appears, it must be used in conjunction with Fill option not Fit as I was previously trying in vain.