[Solved] Cant get Shotcut to run on Ubuntu 15.10

I’ve extracted it as usual to a “Shotcut” folder and double clicked the Shotcut icon, but nothing happens. Always ran perfectly with earlier versions of Ubuntu. Am I doing something wrong?

BTW: Its a great program and even though I’m still using windows based software, I’m starting to use Shotcut more and more.

Try going into Shotcut/Shotcut.app and double-clicking the shotcut icon in there. That is the launcher script. The icon in the parent directory is simply a prettier version of the icon and tries to call the launch script by using a hack since Linux desktop standards do not adequately address un-installed apps.
If that does not work, you need to start a terminal and enter the command /path/to/Shotcut/Shotcut.app/shotcut and see what is says. Obviously, you need to replace the “/path/to” part to wherever you extracted Shotcut.

Thanks for the quick reply, but the problem was with me. I forgot to check the dependencies mentioned on the download page. Installed them and Shotcut is running fine.