Software Requirement Specification

Hi, I’m an Informatics student at Aristotle University and I’m interested in writing the software requirements document (in Greek) for Shotcut in accordance to the IEEE Template. Do you find the topic interesting and/or useful?

No, I do not find it very interesting or useful. You are free to do that if you like, but I am not available to help you.

The above has been completed. srs_shotcut.pdf (1.4 MB)

Thank you

If anybody else is curious, google has a document translation feature:

Seems like a detailed manual.

Oh, yeah. It is a manual. I assumed something very different when I read “requirements” and “IEEE Template” (i.e. a technical requirements specification that provides detailed instructions to a programmer on what to create).

I can upload this to the Non-English Getting Started Guides on the web site. Thank you.