So many crashes!

It’s annoying how buggy Shotcut is. I have been trying to edit a 10 min. video and it’s crashed more than 20 times. Literally any sort of change will cause it to crash. I slowed down a clip, it crashed. I trimmed a clip, it crashed. I even just moved a clip one second into the video, it crashed. I am incredibly annoyed with how broken this is. If i can’t even edit a video with this, then its not good for me. Please fix this, its so broken.

Wow, it even crashed while i was typing this

I use Shotcut every day, it’s very rare I experience a crash.
A ‘bug’ is a bug only if it’s repeatable across multiple systems, otherwise it’s just a local issue.
You have failed to supply any meaningful details in your rant, eg;
SC Version.?
PC Specs?
AV Running?

What bug? You have to be specific about your situation to get help. Posting on a 2 and half year old thread that has nothing to do with your situation doesn’t help you. If you want help then start a separate bug thread and answer the specific questions that you are asked in order to submit a proper bug report.