So I spent 2 hours making a video

I will message anyone who wants the log (I can’t put it here) (too many characters)

Now, my Shotcut version is 18.07

Every time I try to export it fails (I disabled parallel processing) and I have watched several tutorials on how to fix this, and it still FAILS to export.

I spent 3-4 hours editing this video and I would be extremely happy if someone was to help me. I have several text/green screen/crop effects in the video.

Please tell me if there is anything else you need to know about this.

So which was it, 2 hours or 3-4 hours you spent? :smiley:
To be frank, no-one cares how long you spent using Shotcut before experiencing a problem, what we care about more are ‘details’.
Tell us about your computer OS, your computer specs, the source file type and it’s properties, Shotcut settings and your export settings.

You can add the log to file and attach it to your message.

Is this the same issue?

Yes. Only difference is this is a video for my youtube channel and it is 1 hour long (I tried the thing that resolved the issue I had with the other clip, doesn’t work for this one.)

It doesn’t matter the length of video, but other specifics are more important in getting help.