.Snap file extension

Whenever I export a video from Shotcut (mp4) to a folder, an empty .Snap folder is also added with the video. Do I need it? Can I delete it?

Running version 24.04.28 on Windows 11.

The empty .Snap folder you see after exporting a video from Shotcut is not necessary for the video file itself. This folder is related to the Snap package, which is a software packaging and deployment system used primarily on Linux. Since you’re running Shotcut on Windows 11, the presence of a .Snap folder might be unusual but not harmful.

You can safely delete the .Snap folder without affecting the exported video file. The folder does not contain any critical data required for the video playback.

It’s possible that the Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL) could be related to the appearance of the .Snap folder. If you have installed Shotcut or other applications via Snap within WSL, some configuration or metadata files could be generated in the directories you access through WSL.

While Shotcut on Windows typically wouldn’t create a .Snap folder, interaction with WSL or other Linux-based software packaging systems could inadvertently cause this. Regardless, this folder is not required for the functioning of your video files and can be safely deleted.

I highly suspect there’s something wrong, maybe you could have downloaded shotcut from a wrong site that ships malware with shotcut. Can you clarify from where you got your copy of shotcut. Also check for hidden files in the .snap folder:-

Also refer to this:-

Start the video from 1:24

I highly doubt this is it. This is more likely due to some other software running on the system like backup or thumbnailing. I do not believe Shotcut creates it. With that said, this is one of the only most relevant search results I found, but I do not think it helped much:


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Thank you all. There were no hidden files, so I am going to delete the empty folders. Again, appreciate the responses.


Yes, I am wrong this was generated with AI, I didn’t know earlier it was SQL, I thought that it was WSL.
Either way, it gas nothing to do with shotcut