Smooth work

In shotcut projects where many filters etc. are included, the projects usually start with jerking. I think this is due to the fact that everything runs over the Ram.
Can you not transfer this to the VRAM which is much faster and better? (if VRAM) is available, for example 4GB.
How does this work with After Effects where it does not stutter so much?

Shotcut is written by volunteers. So maybe it is not optimized as well as some comercial tools.

If you search this forum for “stutter”, you will see many people have a similar experience when their projects starts to get complicated.

Typical solutions include:

Upgrade your computer hardware, Proxy, or preview scaling

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Many filters put a lot of load on the CPU and/or Graka! Remember: every frame has to go to every filter and this 30 times per second (when run in 30 fps). This is a lot of stuff to do for the CPU, its not so much a matter of RAM-type. Preview scaling helps a lot in improving this and also proxy editing as mentioned by brian. Try to apply the most demanding filters as the last step in your process.

The transfer itself is very slow (relatively speaking). This is why many editing programs do processing either entirely in CPU or entirely in GPU, to avoid the transfer latency. Mixing CPU and GPU filters on the same clip would mean multiple transfers in and out of the GPU.

This is in addition to the fact that an entirely separate programming paradigm has to be coded for GPU filters. Since Shotcut is built on top of FFmpeg, and most filters in FFmpeg do not have GPU-accelerated variants, this means there is a lot of programming work left to do to make GPU processing possible.

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