Smooth Transitions

Hello, i would like to have the Smooth Transition Effect in Shotcut.
It has many different options to choose.
For example zoom, spin or slide.
Many v-log youtubers are using the effect when they are cutting it to the music.

It would be VERY nice. For Adobe Premiere Pro CC it has a effect to download
( )

It would be very cool for v-log youtubers as i am.

All of these filters, with keyframes are already in Shotcut.

I suggest you read Shotcut’s blog to learn all of the features that Shotcut has.

Ok, and where do i find this blog?
With your link i only come to the download website.

Blog link as it’s linked above: Shotcut - News
Download link: Shotcut - Download

It might help to actually use the scroll wheel to read the blog, there is a lot of information contained in that link. When you reach the bottom of the the blog ( Shotcut - News ), you’ll see this:
Clicking on Next will take you to page 2 of the blog.

This isn"t a blog at all, i don"t learn how to make these effects, i"m seeing the patch notes…

Tux designer Youtube’s channel is a good start. Everything related to “Keyframes”.

Everything related to “Keyframes” _____ youtube

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