Smooth panning and framerate issues

Hi, new to intermediate editing. I have footage from my Pixel 2 and an iphone se2

The pixel 2 footage reports at 30.02 FPS ?variable? and the iphone at 29.996 (in the clip info)

both used the DJI app 4k30 (on gimbals)

I exported in 29.97 (this was closest to both) the exported footage judders when panning.

What is the best way to ensure smooth panning when dealing with slight framerate variables of the source?

Also would my monitors refresh rate (60) cause juddering in playback and trip me up?



You could use 30FPS (Recommended).
Or 60FPS for more smoother videos but it will look odd, and clip will become shorter.
The settings I use is 30FPS for my 30FPS Screen recording and 31.03FPS Sony camera recording.

No, it would not judder. (I have 144hz monitor but it does not judder my playback)

Both phones produce variable frame rate video. Videos would need Convert to Edit-Friendly for best results.

Do the source videos themselves judder when panning? As in, if played back with VLC or some other media player outside of Shotcut.

If the source video itself has judder, then the phones may need ND filters. The judder could be coming from super-high shutter speeds that prevent any motion blur from being captured. Motion blur is needed at 30fps to make motion look smoother. If you don’t see any motion blur in your source videos, this will be a significant source of the problem.

Another possibility could be the gimbal is too hyper-reactive to panning movement. When you rotate the gimbal trying to pan, the gimbal may at first interpret that as shaky-hand motion that needs to be corrected and it will counter-act your movement, until you exceed a threshold, then it jumps to the next rotation position and the cycle repeats. I don’t know which gimbal you’re using, but many of them have a specialized panning mode to handle this scenario more gracefully.

If the judder is only in the Shotcut export video, then seek issues may be in play which would be fixed by Convert to Edit-Friendly.

Not in this case. 60fps is an integer multiple of your 30fps videos (well, close enough).

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This needs to be repeated over and over and over.

I too started out using video from multiple cellphones. For more than a year I suffered through a plethora of time-related issues such as what @chazzy2501 describes.
I had to throw away hours of editing work and start over.
(Now I am remastering many of those videos.)

Then I discovered here, on the forum, that all those phones…

…and my editing sessions have changed from nightmare to pleasure.


The PC I’m using isn’t powerful enough to playback the 4k footage in real time, so I can’t check the originals (on the PC) the respective phones play the footage back smoothly though. I’ve been suffering through editing in stutter mode so I could get the highest export quality but I was being foolish.

I wanted to crop some shots later so I figured that 4k would give me flexibility to shoot wider and fix in editing.

thanks for the tip on making edit friendly files, is there a built in function for this? I see proxy files, but I think this is a surrogate file for friendly editing and the original is used when exporting.

What edit friendly option do I have that will reduce quality loss from eventual double encoding.

This forum is great!

You were correct about the use of proxies. They will make editing much easier. Combine proxies with Preview Scaling for best results.

Click to select a video clip on the timeline, go to the Properties panel, drop down the hamburger menu, and look for Convert to Edit-Friendly. In future projects, it may be easier to bring footage into the Source player first, convert it there, then use the converted video on the timeline from the beginning.

The Convert to Edit-Friendly box will provide three quality options… high-quality lossy, visually lossless intermediate, and mathematically lossless. Given that the sources are cell phones rather than cinema cameras, the high-quality lossy is probably a great option in terms of lower disk usage and time to convert and no noticeable loss in quality.

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I made a rough video just now.

Converting to Edit Friendly in Shotcut

It shows accessing the Shotcut built-in Convert feature.

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thanks for the tips!
I also just noticed that the project settings were 1080p/25 but I was telling the exporter to export in 30fps. Could this have caused issues?

convert at a click, so simple!

Thanks again.

I may have time to re-do my project!

Oh yeah, that’s definitely the main issue. 30fps footage will have to drop every 6th frame to get down to the timeline’s 25fps, then the timeline’s 25fps will have to duplicate every 5th frame to get back up to the 30fps export settings. That’s a nightmare of data loss.

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I also have Pixel phones and was thinking of getting the Filmic Pro app just so I can lock down the frame rate.

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The project video was auto but the first video was a powerpoint video export (easier title cards) it would seem that pp exports at 25fps!

Thanks everyone just changing the project settings and doing an export improved the video dramatically.

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