''Smooth Colours''

Is there anyway to add smooth colours? Like the colours fade in you know? And if you could try to add it :slight_smile:

You can easily generate a color clip and then add a transition to it. Or, you can use keyframes on the Saturation filter if that is what you mean: go from grayscale to color. Otherwise, we do not understand, and you have to make a better explanation, linking to a video on the web if possible.

(https://youtu.be/PMtNRXu3z54) this is What i mean. The colour dont Go to the Next colour instantly, it smoothly fades in and Out. Is it possible If i have a Clip and i use colour graduing, that the colours fade in Like this and don’t Just appear instantly? Sorry for my Bad english im From Germany :slight_smile: i Hope you Understand now :wink:

Looked at your video. It’s pretty easy to do the smooth colors with Shotcut. You can create multiple color clips in Shotcut then use various methods to create the color change.

The easiest is to use transitions between the clips. You could also use the color grading filter with key frames to create smooth color changes. Also you can use the opacity filter to do it.

Here’s a project using all 3 methods. The first clip in the playlist is a 3 minute color clip that gets color shifted using the color grading filter.

Smooth Colour.mlt (29.1 KB)

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Thanks :slight_smile: