Smart rendering feature.Please read it

Smart rendering meaning only the edited frames and joins will be encoded and not the entire video by default.

No offence @Bowblend, but if you need an editor with all the Adobe Premiere Pro features you suggested here in the past couple of days, maybe you should get Adobe Premiere Pro…


We like your enthusiasm and we know you’re trying to help improve Shotcut. Meanwhile, the devs are already well aware of these advanced features and there has already been lengthy discussion about them in the forum. The discussion on smart rendering is below. There aren’t enough devs to make Shotcut become Premiere Pro overnight. If these features are critical to you, you need to use Premiere Pro. Or even better, join the development team and contribute the code yourself. :slight_smile: I am not on the dev team, but I’ve contributed a few things and it’s rewarding to do so.


If you’d like a tool for easy and quick cutting of videos and don’t need the full range of the “major league” (Premiere Pro, Sony Vegas, Final Cut Pro etc.) and are able and willing to spend at least some money, have a look at these two that use smart rendering:
TMPGEnc MPEG Smart Renderer 6 - $70
VideoReDo TVSuite 6 - $100

I use VideoReDo TVSuite for a lot of pre-cutting before I throw them into Shotcut to bake the final cake and just love the combination of those two. TMPGEnc works really well, too, and has got more options to fiddle with, but because of that also comes with a more complex, hence slower, workflow, than VideoReDo.

Both programs can be downloaded and tested without limitations in the trial version, except for a nag screen here and there in VideoReDo.