Smart Proxy - Editing in lower quality to use less memory?

I’m new to Shotcut and have minimal computer knowledge so please forgive me.

I used to edit with Corel VideoStudio and they had an option to edit video with smaller scale copies of the video called Smart Proxy. I was able to degrade the video quality for editing purposes and then export from the original full video clips.

My ASUS laptop currently has 5GB of available RAM and I installed the 64 bit program. The video is choppy when previewing and when exporting my final project the MP4 video plays the original audio from my final project however the video has turned to a black screen.

Should I have downloaded and installed the 32 bit program?
Or maybe should I have purchased extra RAM?

Also, does Shotcut have an option to edit in lower quality?

Shotcut does not have currently a built in proxy generator but it is being talked about:

If you want to do proxies in Shotcut you have to do them manually. Here is a good video that shows how to do that:

Closing as redundant suggestion.

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