Small audio cuts during recording with shotcut

Software im using during reords it’s the one build in shotcut/openother/audi/video device/my michrophone
I’m using windows 10, version of shotcut is 20.02.17 and recording in wave format with new audio track alongside a 1080p/30fps video. I did a few times before and all went well. Still have the same spescs on my laptop the only thing i did upgraded my old 1tb hdd to a 1tb ssd and migrated all my video project. The files are intact anyway… i will try to record a brand new video and doit again, also i will updated shotcut to last version.
Anyway any one have an idea what can cause this? My processor was at arround 50% when i captured the file, ssd was fine. I will post and update if i findout by myself. Sorry about my english :stuck_out_tongue:

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