Slowing down the video

I have been using Shotcut since 2018 and I only sometimes need to slow down a video, which worked. I downloaded the newest version of shotcut a while ago (can’t remember the version name but it is the newest) but didn’t use the slow motion feature for a while now (i slow it down in the properties). But now I need to use it, it just crashes every time. I tried to download older versions but I think I’m too stupid LOL. Also I looked at a couple other questions like this but I didn’t get anywhere with them. Is it just my computer or is it the program, considering I used to be able to slow down videos fine before?

Please report the version Help > About Shotcut before replying further.

All known crashes in this area have been fixed. If you still have a problem, then try converting the file using Properties > menu > Convert to Edit-friendly. When the job completes, double-click the job line to open the converted file. Now, you can use it and try to change its speed.

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