Slowing a clip section and fitting it in

Here’s the problem - I have a clip split in several places. I want to change the speed of the first section (on the left) by making it slower. This, however, results in it growing in size and it will overwrite the next section if I don’t do something. It would be nice if it would shift everything along, but I can see a way to do that. I can drag the sections on the right along one by one to make space but it would be very tedius when there are a lot of them. What I would like is a way of grouping them together and moving the lot across at once preserving how they are. Then I can snap back once the speed change is done.
Does anyone know a way to do this or any other solution to the problem?

Open the clip you want to slow in the source viewer.
Trim the section you want to slow using i and o for the in and out points. Select the properties tab. Slow to the desired speed.
Add the slowed clip to the playlist if you want to keep a copy for further modification.
Press c to copy the slowed clip. Move the play head to wherever you want to insert the clip on the timeline. Press v to insert the clip at that position. All clips to the right will be moved to the right.

Ripple trim and drop needs to be on if you want to drag and drop the clip from the source viewer to the timeline otherwise the clip will overwrite instead of insert.

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