Slow Text in Filters search box. Version 23.07.29

Windows 11

Version 23.07.29 - Just downloaded today.

Can you repeat the problem? If so, what are the steps? I have opened and closed Shotcut several times with the same results.

When I type into the Filters search box, the text is laggy, slow to show in the box. I’ve been using Shotcut for 2 years and am very familiar with how inputting text reacted with the last version. This is a very noticeable lag. Thanks.

I just opened Notes in Shotcut and typing in there works perfectly. Reran the updated version, restarted my PC. Filter search text is still slow.

I am also experiencing this issue.

Happy to share any information I can to help get this issue resolved. I did not experience this with older version of shotcut on windows 7.

This bug is very annoying please can someone investigate.

Winodws 10 i5 6600k 16gb ram.

bug happens in a project with only a single image on timeline

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The way Filters Search works is that every time you hit a keyboard key, Shotcut immediately affines the result.

For example, if you type “po” Shotcut will look for (and display) all results containing “po
Add a “s” to “po” and Shotcut will look for (and display) all results containing “pos”.
And so on…

So it’s normal to experience a delay each time you add a character to the search.
On fast systems, I guess that this delay will be much shorter than on slower computers.

No this is new. The search was never slow like this before and it’s the same computer that I’ve been using. This happened only when I updated to the newest version.


in the example is quick … because nothing could be found using the string …

please make a real life example to shotcut to find something that exists


The worst thing about this forum is that everyone will deny all bugs and problems. Everything I report is met with denial and sometimes outright attacks by people associated with this software. I like Shotcut well enough considering it’s free, but the attitude around this place is dumb. Will I be given another year long ban on this forum for daring to say that certain people associated with it can’t stand any criticism whatsoever? Probably. But the forum is not very useful when it comes to problems that maybe not everyone is experiencing. Deny, deny, deny, until you go away seems to be the m. o.