Slow move up text preset

I’m a newbie who can’t find an answer.

I have been working through the filters and I can’t work out to make the preset in “text” called “slow move up” actually work.

I simply get my text in a maximised box covering the whole screen.

What am I missing?


I’ve been using Shotcut for years and I never tried the presets provided in Text: Simple
But now that you mention it @Phil_Caffrey , I wonder what is the use of this Slow move up preset.
Instead of just making the text slowly move up, in addition, it zooms the rectangle control, making any text wider than the actual screen.

@Phil_Caffrey After applying the preset, try this:

  • Uncheck the Use font size box and use a smaller font size than the default 810.
  • Select the Middle vertical fit setting.

That’s about all I can see to edit this preset and make it somewhat useful.
Changing the sizes and positions of the preset actually makes Shotcut crash for me.

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