Slow Motion

Hi there, evry time I create slow mtion my Shotcut crash.
I create fast motion and just after slow motion. I try to preview the process
and the software crashed.
Can someone help me?

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If you expect some help try to be as precise as possible and tell us all technical details.
What version, PC, RAM, OS, SC version and what exactly did you do in single steps.
Otherwise it can only be guessing and looking in the glass bowl…

Hi thanks I have PC WIN 64bit, 16G RAM and V5.9.7.
I create fast shot sequence and after that want to create a slow motion with the properties tab reduce to for example to 0.8 it done but when I make a preview the softawre crashed. (I work on proxy mode)
note:I run on this computer 3 version of flight simulators and definitely it’s a heavy software to run.

How do you create a fast shot sequence, what size, framerate. Be more precise here, again. What video codec, what are the exact settings in the property tab etc. etc.

Hi, here some details:
Frame Rate: 60
codec: H264/ AVC / MPEG-4 AVC /
Format:YUV 420P
Thanks Dilen

Yoru SC version is 5.9.7???
Newest version is 20.11.28 - i think you should update…

Thanks I am already update the last version and try again my movie editing and it work fix.

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