Slow Motion without distorted audio

So I finally figured out how to use the slow motion feature in Shotcut but it heavily distorts the audio, is there a way to use the slow motion feature and keep the sound from being distorted like the speed adjuster on youtube videos does?

Welcome Zalato,

in the next version there will be an Audio-Pitcher:
" Added Filters > Audio > Pitch .
This is handy when changing the speed of a clip anywhere from 4.0x - 0.25x."

Otherwise you have to detach the audio and ‘repitch’ it in Audacity, - export it as ‘wav’ and insert it in your project.

You can try 20.02 Beta.
It has the Pitch filter.


When does the next version drop? I will have to make sure to update it.

You can already download a Beta:

Yeah but that’s beta I would rather wait for the full release.

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