Slow motion without cutting into the next clip


I am trying to slowdown footage I have recorded at 60fps and the video I am making is set to 24fps. I understand that you use the properties menu to change the speed. However I have already ordered all my clips next to each other in the sequence. When I slow down the first video it cuts into the next clip. How do I slow down the video and make the next clip shift to the right instead of the start being cut off?

Thank you, Really appreciate the help!

You cannot do that. When you slow a clip it will cut the next clip.
You can open each clip in the source viewer, change the speed, add it to the playlist, then put the clips back on the timeline.

Turn on Ripple mode and drag rightward the clip after the clip whose speed is being changed. This creates a gap by pushing all of the following clips (the ripple part). Ripple mode is sticky; you might want to turn it off after doing this.

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