Slow motion suggestion

It would be nice if software added ‘fake frames’ to fill in and smooth out slow motion.

Hi @Duane

If you use the Time Remap filter to slow down your video clip, change the Image Mode from Nearest to Blend


thank you
I wish I had asked a long time ago
when I first started using software I couldnt find a slow mo filter
so I got online and found out to change speed in properties
which isnt the best way

I noticed that time remap filter a while ago but it didnt sound like what I wanted, oh well

In addition to Time Remap, there is now 2 Speed filters that may be easier to use.

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thank you for the reply
I tried time remap but it wanted to change the video first ‘???’
are these 2 filters in current v? names?

btw has anyone ever told you you look a lot like a young raymond reddington? :slight_smile:

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That’s funny. I watched Stargate a couple of weeks ago and I also noticed that on his profile picture, @shotcut looks a lot like the actor James Spader.


A lot of people told me I look like him (more so in the 90s), so my avatar is actually a picture of him from some promo material for the movie Crash:

And here is me circa 2000

My doppelgänger


very nice posts thank you

Are these filters only for 30fps? If I try to use them for 60fps or 120fps to slow down even more than 0.4 or 0.2 the results are bad. Thank you