Slow motion clip not rendering


I’m not entirely sure if I can qualify it as a bug but the issue is persistent for me.

I’m trying to apply slow motion onto a clip in my video, but noticed that it didn’t appear in video upon rendering. Upon inspecting the location, it does not “display” or playback. This is currently on my macbook, osx 10.13.2

Upon loading the project onto a PC, i can view and playback the slow motion clip (Unfortunately cannot render on the PC… issues abound :disappointed: )

Any ideas what may be the issue or what I can do to workaround the problem? Would love to keep the slow motion clip in the video.

Attached will be an image of what I’m seeing.

Suppr it.
Just reopen the original clip.
Change the properties
Cut the part you want
Drag it to the time line again
Ctrl + S

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