Slow motion and revert


how can I slow down a footage? And revert?


Select the clip you want to slow down, then click on Properties. You should see a speed option, where you can set this below 1.00x to slow down the clip. To revert the change, just choose undo, or set the speed back to 1.

You means revert playing ?
It can be done with Shotcut right now I think…

I am quite sure the poster meant “reverse,” which @Keno40 is correct in that it is not yet available: see the Road Map page on the site.

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indeed I meant reversing the shot, not revert playing. Sorry for my English.
I had found but my video is too big.

Now I have found a way in davinci resolve. I can finish my video now, thanks.

I don’t test it, but here’s a trick.

Save your video as jpg’s images sequence. Rename them 001, 002, … or whatever. Then, copy the images in a file and class them by name and reverse it. Rename the last image 001, and so on.
Open your new images sequence in shotcut and save it as a video.
I don’t know if I explained it right, but you get the idea.
Hope it helps.

It could work !
To rename :slight_smile:

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