Slow-Mo with Pitch Compensation

Version 20.09.27

Add video with sound to SC. Slow video to say, 0.5x. Add pitch filter, change speed compensation to 0.5x. Play a few times and sound completely out of sync with observed video (audio even seems to split so middle part plays at beginning of video. Audio breaks up too). I’ve used on previous version and always seemed to work well.

The resultant export seems fine.

Proxy and Preview Scaling are off.

Is this replicable by anyone else?

Why not use Pitch Compensation option right next to Speed? Improved A/V sync was one of the main reasons for adding this option there.

It also sounds like there might be some issues with seeking reliably on the file you are using. Are you certain it is not variable frame rate? You might need to Properties > Convert it.

Thanks for the prompt response Dan. I think you’re right regards variable frame rate as I’ve just tried with a known CBR video and it is fine. I missed the pitch compensation right next to the speed! I’ll use that in future. Thanks, as always.

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