Slow down image movement (Size Rotate Position filter)


I know how to work with keyframes, and am able to move an image from one position to another. How do I change the speed of this movement though? The shorter the distance, the slower it goes, because it looks like it wants to use the same time span.


Change the position of your key images on the horizontal time axis.
The smaller the distance between 2 keyframes, the faster the movement.
And conversely, the greater the distance between 2 keyframes, the slower the movement.

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What do you mean by key images? And there’s only one image. What you told me is exactly what I had already done; set two different positions using keyframes. I still don’t know how to change the movement speed though. There must be a setting somewhere.

He meant “keyframes”.

As he explained the distance of two keyframes changes the speed. The closer to keyframes are to each other the faster it will be. The farther two keyframes are to each other the slower it will be.

I recommend that you click on top of this page where it says Tutorials and scroll down to the video on Keyframes. That will show you the basics.


Thanks. Maybe I was just confused because some weird stuff happened to my animation upon experimentation. Adjusting the key frames works well!

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