Slim body (in video) with brightness, contrast, shadows, highlights, etc T


This is my first publication and from now on, I apologize for my lousy English. I am from Argentina.

I would like some tips for editing my own videos: I’m starting out as a “content creator” but I hate dealing with the Instagram Reels editor, I edit my content from my computer using “Shotcut” software.

In some of the videos I don’t feel comfortable with my appearance and I would like to “slim my body” in those videos.

With what combination of parameters like: brightness/contrast/shadows/midtones/highlights (and other similar parameters) can I correct my image without distorting my appearance either.


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Welcome to the forum. Don’t apologize, your English is far better than my Spanish.

What you are asking is difficult to do while keping a realistic looking subject at the post-processing stage. There is a technique called “Short Lighting” that can be used at the video recording stage that helps. See this short description for more information:

Bienvenido al foro. No te disculpes, tu inglés es mucho mejor que mi español.

Lo que está pidiendo es difícil de hacer mientras se mantiene un sujeto de apariencia realista en la etapa de procesamiento posterior. Existe una técnica llamada “Iluminación corta” que se puede usar en la etapa de grabación de video que ayuda. Consulte esta breve descripción para obtener más información:

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Another couple of tips that may help are given here:

Otro par de consejos que pueden ayudar se dan aquí:

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