Slight blip / pop when copying and pasting clips

I’m trying to loop a 2-minute video into a track that repeats over and over again for 30 minutes. I figured I could copy and paste, but while this works, there’s a slight popping noise in between the clips. This is not present in the original video so I’m assuming that it must be something that’s adding in the pasting. Do you know what can be done about this?



The popping sound happens because the audio clips are not meshing well together when you play them back to back. You have to play around with the editing of the audio to avoid that. Try to cut the audio at different points and see if it that works. Another option is to create a transition clip between the two audio clips so that they can blend with each other. You can also try to the create the transition at different points to see if any of it will work better for you.

But there’s no sound at the beginning or end of my video. It was designed to seamlessly start and stop on a loop. It’s definitely something that’s added by the editor.

How could I remove the sound from the end, if that’s what’s needed?

What kind of file are you working on? And what options in the Export panel are you using?

I’ve been exporting to MP4 format. Funny thing is that the sound doesn’t play after exporting. Weird.

It’s working OK for the time being.

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