Slideshow of photos in memory of the Queen with newly composed music

I’ve been working on this since last week - Thursday, to be exact, when our Queen Elizabeth passed away. Taken with the mood of the country, I was moved to compose and record a piece for flute and piano and use it as a background to a slideshow of Royal photos.

I didn’t use the slideshow generator because the timings of the photos had to by synched with the music Briefly, here’s how I did it:

  1. Composed and recorded the music.
  2. Gathered public domain photos from the internet. I found 50+.
  3. Imported into SC, resized, added the white border to each. Exported each as a PNG with transparency.
  4. Imported each PNG, set for 10 seconds, applied a SPR filter to zoom in from 80% to 100%. Exported each as a .mov file (Quicktime Animation) to preserve transparent background.
  5. Assembled the MOV files in SC and synched them to the music. My timeline was thus:

(the main transition I used was: CLIP A: a 2 -second gaussian blur at the end, plus a 1-secong fade-out, CLIP B: a 1-second fade-in (overlapped with the fade-out). Exported.

  1. Went to COOLTEXT.COM and generated the gold text (transparent PNGs).

  2. Imported the exported video and imported the text pngs, plus a thin 2-pixel border I made (black and white, with Blend Mode: ADD).


I forgot to mention the gradient blue background, made with the Gradient filter…

Very beautiful music, I like it, I like quiet melodic music!

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Thank you!!

Lovely piece of music @jonray :+1:

Even if for many people here in Canada she was only a face on our currency, I liked the Queen. And I was sad when I heard on the news that she passed away.

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Lovely music and a lovely tribute - well done.

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Votre hommage est bien plus émouvant que ceux qu’ils nous passent en boucle à la télévision.
Bravo pour cette composition et ce montage photo réalisés avec talent et sobriété.
Merci à vous. :+1:

Your tribute is much more emotive than the ones they show us on television.
Bravo for this composition and this photo montage realized with talent and sobriety.
Thanks to you. :+1:


@dimadjdocent , @MusicalBox , @Elusien , @Namna - THANK YOU for your kind comments. I enjoyed making it.

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Very nice composition and just the right music to it :slight_smile:
Could be from TV broadcast!

I would just make the transitions a y-bit shorter and maybe vary the kind of transition sometimes, to make it even more vivid.

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Hi @RilosVideos - great to speak again. Thank you. I agree, maybe the Gaussian blurs could be about half a second shorter before Clip B fades in… I debated whether to make the transitions different but decided to keep them mostly the same to give the viewer a certain predictability so they can concentrate on the photos. Thanks for watching and I value your comments!

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