Slideshow Generator problem with 0% zoom


I’ve tried searching for this as I’m a newbie but there isn’t anything that quite matches my problem, so I’m sorry if I’ve missed it.

I’m trying to make a slideshow with images with different aspect ratios. I want to preserve the aspect ratio and not autocrop so I choose the “Pad Black” option in the Slideshow Generator window.

If I set “Zoom effect” to a non-zero value the slideshow is generated as I would expect. The Size, Position and Rotate filter is automatically added to the still images and crucially the background colour is set to black.

However if I use a value of zero for “Zoom effect” then there is no filter added to the images and the transition from a wide image to a narrow one leaves bands from the wide image continuously on the edges through the transition before they abruptly vanishes at the end of the crossfade.

Below (hopefully) is a screengrab from the main Shotcut window towards the end of a transition from an African sunset picture to a penguins picture.

So I think I can’t use the Add Selected to Slideshow feature at the moment unless I pre-process all my images to make them 16x9 with black bands as appropriate.

Or am I missing an easier way?

Its early days but I’m loving the product so far!

Thanks in advance for any suggestions.

as a beginner I also did make a lot of slideshows with Shotcut.

The keyframes do make repeatedly trouble in slide shows if you change the zoom + offset, use a different aspect source photos or have to zooming over time on.

I do recommend to you prepare your photos with e.g. darktable and crop it to the exact pixel numbers before including them to Shotcut.
It is also better if you want to reuse some of the photos in another video.

If you disable the zooming effect, too you do not get troubles with keyframes anymore.
Normally if you cut a keyframe away it zooms out to 0%.
With a double click? on the watch in the zoom filter widget you can easily disable the keyframes for the selected video, too!

This video was fully edited in Shotcut by me without preparing it with darktable and the keyframes did cost me a lot of time!