Slideshow generator missing

Have tried several versions of Shotcut, followed the steps (load pics in Playlist, select all, etc) but no version I have tried has the option Add selected to Slideshow. Suggestions ?

Looking forward, by the way, to be an avid user of this Forum

Thanks in advance for any help you can give

Hi @C_E_Hancock

Maybe you are not looking at the right place?

I Found it !!! Thanks SOOOO Much… was looking for this option on the EXPORT tab ??? (I think the tutorial I first tried gave that as the proper step). Thanks again.

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Glad I could help. Welcome to the Forum.

Thanks again… is there a ‘best way’ to familiarize oneself with the mechanics/options/usage of the FORUM ?

I made this page a couple of years ago.
Mostly helpful if you want to learn how to format your posts on the forum.

Also, if you need to share pictures, videos or files on the forum, simply drag them in the Reply or the Create topic window (where you write your replies or create a new topic).

There is an 8 megs size limit per file.
And here are the authorized file extensions:
jpg, jpeg, png, gif, ico, tiff, tif, zip, pdf, txt, mlt, edl, rpt, log, mp4, qml, webm, rawr, lottie, webp, cube, 3dl, dat, m3d, m4a, rpt

If you need to share a file with a different extension, simply ZIP it first.
Same if you need to share multiple files (example: text01.doc, text02.doc, text03.doc). Group them in a single .zip file.

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