Sliders and time bar

I was wondering, IF there isn’t already a feature built in the program to adjust this, I am asking if you all could potentially make an update to 1 - make the slider bar to adjust cropping as big or small as you want it, I will post a picture of what I am talking about. Also, the only thing I think that makes Windows Live Movie Maker, the original one that was discontinued a little easier to use than this program, other than a bigger slider and timebar, is just how down to the grain finely precise you can get to the point in the video or music you are editing on that program, if you could make it much easier to get down to the finest detail with that slider on that bar to the time a person wants to get to, that would be the best.

Hi @gummybearking

Just in case you’re not aware of this: You can move the playhead frame by frame by using the small arrows on the right side of the timecode counter.


You can also position the mouse cursor over the timecode counter and move the playhead forward/backward one frame at the time using the mouse wheel.

Another option is to use the Up and Down arrows on your keyboard.