Slide-In Text from a given starting position

I’m scratching my head trying to come up with an easy solution for sliding in text from a starting position that is within the inside of a clip rather than the outside edge. I’ve tried two approaches, but neither is ideal:

  1. Horizontal Bar transition - this works well, but it reveals the text rather than sliding it into view

  2. Text:Simple filter - apply “Slide In from Left” preset. I make a copy of the underlying clip on a new track and crop into a small area to mask the starting point of the slide. This works but is quite convoluted and requires me to repeat any color corrections onto the duplicate track.

So, am I missing a simple way to slide in text from a given starting position??


Put text in a filter on a track above, use Mask:Simple Shape, and Keyframes with the text filter.

Scuba.mlt (5.9 KB)


Is this thing you want to do or something else

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That looks cool @Hudson555x

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@Hudson555x - Awesome! I can’t believe how complex I made my own attempt - I knew there must be a simper method. And you even used my favorite subject as an example :smiley:

BTW - Here’s what I was trying to create ->


Thanks - that’s helpful, by @Hudson555x nailed it from my badly worded description.

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