Slide Duration Grayed

In Shotcut 24.01.28 on Windows 10, I have a playlist consisting of images. If I drag them to the timeline, they default to four seconds each. If I drag one and attempt to set its Properties as advised, I see that the Duration value is grayed.

How can I set the default duration of images to something other than four seconds?

Hi @raywood

The method in your link is not accurate, or at least is confusing.

Do this instead to set the default duration the images imported in Shotcut:

  • Drag an image in the Source panel (the player)
  • Go to Properties
  • Change the Duration
  • Click the Set Default button.

From now on, all the new images you’ll import in Shotcut will have this duration.
This also sets the duration of some of the generators in Open Others… (like color clips for example)


Thanks. That did it. Among other things, it clarified that the duration was set when I imported the image into Shotcut - not later, when I moved it from the Playlist to the Timeline in Shotcut.

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