Sketch filter bug causes crash

This applies to the Windows version of Shotcut. Have not tested with Linux.

  1. Open video, image or color clip in the source viewer.
  2. Apply Sketch filter.
  3. Highlight the number field in the color parameter. Type in 25 or 35. Shotcut freezes then crashes.

This happens if the filter is applied in the source viewer, playlist, or timeline.



(EDIT) Just tested with Linux. Shotcut does not crash.

I have tested this on both Linux and Windows 10 and I have not recreated the crash. Hopefully we can find a way to make this recreatable. Maybe try changing some settings/parameters in Windows and see if you can get it to stop crashing. That might suggest how I can recreate the crash.

I have Windows 10 and have just reproduced the crash 3 times. 2 with video clips and once with a color clip. Good find, sauron.

This sketch filter crash is not new to this release. It’s been happening before.

My Windows settings are nothing special.

Shotcut settings are all pretty much default.

Video mode Automatic.
Scrub Audio on.
Real time on.
Progressive on.
Deinterlacer one field.
Interpolation bi-linear.
Display method Automatic.

The Linux version running on Fedora 29 does not crash. Have the same Shotcut settings in Linux.

Hopefully someone else will be able to reproduce it.

Is there anything interesting in the application log after the crash?
It is usually found in:

@DRM reproduced the crash.

Here’s my post crash log. Maybe someone can find something in it.

shotcut-log.txt (23.2 KB)

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