Sketch and opacity/transparency

Hi I’m trying to sharpen up an old 2013 video of a dear departed friend bowling. The video is very grainy and blurry in general, cheap prepaid phone. Any techniques to sharpen overall, reduce noise and sharpen lines without increasing noise? If the sketch tool had a transparent option like crop rectangle this would really do the trick. Using opacity allows the white sketch background to wash out the final result. The color slider in the sketch tool doesn’t really fix this. Options or work arounds? The steps I’m using now overlaying the sketch on the full color are sharpen 50/50 > reduce noise:quantization 5/22 >sharpen 50/50 >sketch 2/2/20/0 > opacity 12. After 10 it starts to wash out. background color for size/position/rotate is dark gray. Bottom layer is all color correction with same sharpen.noise filters. Any suggestions are welcome. TAI. Bottom is no filters, just a resize.

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