Size still photo to take entire frame

Brand new shotcut user and very novice video editor. Working on a project that will be mix of video, still images and voice overs. Been playing around with inserting still images into the timeline with text added as a filter - but the still image does not cover the entire frame (black bands on the side). Any suggestions how to fix this? Thanks for your help!

Make sure both your video and photo aspect ratios are the same. For 1920x1080 is a 16:9 ratio.
Edit your photo by cropping to correct ratio, or change the ratio of your video. By cropping your photo, portions of your photo will be cut off, but you can crop to the correct ratio 16.9 and will not have black bands on either side.

Center your photo, or have it left justified with a fancy border of flowers…etc… pretty much what you desire, just have to decide what you want. Not quite sure what you mean by “fix this”, so I just ran with it, lol. :cowboy_hat_face:

You could use the Crop filter. Check the center option to get rid of the bands. You could also use the Rotate filter and scale up the image to fill the screen. Or you can use the Size and Position filter with the fill or distort option to fill the screen.

Or do as @Hudson555x suggested. Put a border or something behind the image.

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