Size sets to 4 after erasing rich text

shotcut version: 21.03.21
when i add a rich text filter it’s bold with size 72 (which is good), but when i type something and then erase so no text is written the size sets to 4 and it “unbolds”. i dont know if it’s a bug but it’s super annoying.

well i rechecked and it’s actually size 8 not 4, but it doesn’t matter

Sorry, but this is extremely difficult to fix even though I have tried to avoid it. 99.9% of the code for this editor is in a library we do not make. You need to format your text.

okay thanks for calrifying! i’m just going to keep my habit of ctrl+a and then typing immediately then. i hope one day you will find a way to fix it easily though, keep up the good work, for now your software is my favourite for editing! :smiley: