Size/Rotate/Position Filter Causes Image Pixelation


I’m new to Shotcut and I’ve been fiddling around with the software. I’ve noticed what seems like a pretty glaring problem: when I bring an image (PNG or JPEG) into the program and use the Size/Rotate/Position filter to move it slightly (no rescaling), the export result pixelates the image. The image in question is quite high res, so it is scaled down by Shotcut to fit within the 720p frame. If I do not use the filter, the image is fine. I have already tried all the different interpolation settings, but it hasn’t helped.

Anyone have any ideas? I am on the latest version of Shotcut, btw.


This is a known bug that we are still working on. To workaround it you can either prescale the image outside of Shotcut to near the resolution you want, or edit the XML project file to add a line:

  1. open the .mlt file in a text editor
  2. search for affineSizePosition
  3. add a line below the found line with:
    <property name="transition.b_scaled">1</property>

I was afraid that might be the case. Oh, well, thanks for the workaround nonetheless! :slight_smile:

This is fixed for the next version 20.10 including the second beta coming tomorrow.

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