Size problem in MP4

Hello world
I’ll be honest, I’m an absolute beginner in video.
I want to make videos for my grandson that I can’t see anymore because of the lockdown.

So for the first test, I made a short sequence with my camera (extraordinary fujifilm x-t30)
result: .mov file -> 180MB / 14 sec. ok, normal
I upload the file in Shotcut and I export without changing anything in the configuration.
The produced .mp4 file -> 20 MB / same duration

It is really not acceptable.
What should I do to reduce the size ?
By exemple, I just received a video from the net : 8.33MB -> 3’57"

Do you have an explanation or a link to a tutorial ?

In the Export menu, click on “Advanced” then click on the Codec tab and go down to “Quality”. The default is 55%. So experiment by lowering it down till you get the size that is suitable for you.

I’m still faced with the problem of video size.
They are too heavy (> 1MB / sec.). I’m just exporting a rush mp4.

I see that there are 3 parameters that could affect the size

  • video resolution (my camera produces 3840 x 2160)
  • flow (between 5 and 10 Mb / s)
  • frame / s (+ -30)

I don’t understand how I can produce light videos.
the Quality parameter is interesting but not sufficient.
I don’t understand codec, which should I choose?
when I modify parameters, the video is then unreadable

Could we start a discussion on this subject?

Since small file size is the goal, you may have better luck targeting it with average bitrate mode rather than guessing at quality parameters. You may also have to significantly downscale from 4K footage to something more portable like 960x540 or 1280x720. I’m quite certain the 3’57" video from the net was not 4K, which contributed greatly to its small size.

The math to find the average bitrate that fits your needs can be found in this thread:

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