Size Position Rotate - Keyframe waveform & smooth zoom

This is not strictly a bug, but an significant function gone missing in update.
(I like the updated filter)

The old scale and rotate filter showed a full waveform when scaling.
The replacement SPR filter has a combined keyframe function. Which means you cannot see the waveform for the zoom.
The wave form makes it easier to see adjust and understand.
Smooth Keyframes can create an excellent Smooth Zoom effect. But without the visual waveform the curve can become a tangled mess, very hard to guess what is happening!!

Can we please get back the waveform for the zoom.

Old scale with Waveform

New SPR / Zoom with limited view.

A quick reference to geekoutdoors who has a full tutorial on using the excellent smooth zoom function, unfortunately with the visual functionality missing it is currently just confusing people!

This is not easy because Zoom is now simply an alternative control to drive Position & Size, and Position & Size are a rectangle parameter (4 values combined), and not standalone numeric parameters. Our existing framework for filters, parameters, and keyframes does not support this, and that would need to be extended. Then, there is the question about minimum and maximum values that are required for a graph/curve. For example, what is the maximum width, and before you say 1920 (or whatever the video mode horizontal resolution is), that is very limiting. Theoretically, I suppose the maximum is that which will make one pixel of the source fill the frame: using our example, 1920x or 3686400. If you put that value in today, you will see the Zoom parameter maxes out. It too has a limit, but it is OK to max that out because you can still go higher in the numeric control. While most people will not need to use the upper range of, it still must be possible or it will be reported as a bug. That means to really make the graph/curve usable it needs to follow a non-linear or logarithmic function. Not only is that not currently offered in the framework but also many people will likely be confused by it.

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Ahh yes, I see the SPR is a complete revision, which is definitely more versatile. Hopefully this is food for thought and eventually a visual for the smooth keyframe curves can get back in there.
For anyone that is trying to work around I did find that setting the 2nd and 4th keyframes in my screenshot at about 20% of the centre point seemed to recreate a result, but working blind is tricky!

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