Size, position & rotate filter not working with Glaximate Mask, I need help

This happened every time I put in the Size filter after Glaximate Mask. It ruined the mask’s shape itself plus the animation with it. If it’s a picture that need mask, I can just import the image in Glaximate and edit it there so no biggie. But it’s the video that need masking, so I can’t import the video file in Glaximate. Bringing up the Size filter would move the background video instead of the mask, however.

Also why does Shotcut didn’t use new version of Glaximate? It keeps using 5.1 even tho I have 5.2 already and already deleted the 5.1 version of Glaximate.

It would help if we could see the entire Shotcut window. Including the Timeline.
Also, what is the Video Mode of your project?
And what is the size of that granite party.mkv file?

You don’t need to import the video in Glaxnimate.
In Shotcut, when you add the Mask: Draw (Glaxnimate) filter and click on New, Glaxnimate is supposed to launch and you’ll be able to see your video in the preview window.

It’s shorts video format. The granite party video properties is in the video and for the project size is in the image below.


As far as I know, using that second Size, Position & Rotate filter to move only the mask will not work.
You have to animate the position of the mask in Glaxnimate like I showed in my video above.

Also, just out of curiosity, what is that pinkish colored bar on top of your timeline?


I have pinpointed the problem. It’s only happened in vertical video format (9:16) or standard TikTok/YT short format. I tested it on 16:9 and it work fine, only 9:16 gives it problem to move around “masked” video. Also, it still happened even without 2nd Size, Position & Rotate filter. So, I think this is Shotcut’s bug/error for Glaximate Mask, probably.

Just a bit of context: I want only that cloud animation and paste it on another video using Glaximate Mask filter. And move it around like adding 2nd animation to it by using Size, Position & Rotate keyframe.

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That’s just marker ^^

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