Size & Position Filter Forces Source Image to the left

So, I used to have a workflow where I would use rotate and scale filter to show a still image centered on my screen (no scale adjustments). Next I would create a linear keyframe with a slightly zoomed in area and it would make an interesting active image that was easy to create.

Now that Size, Position, Rotate is one feature I don’t know how to keep my source image centered without manual intervention, this kills my workflow. There is a horizonal centered selection in the filter, but I’m not sure what it does, my image stays to the left. I am using Shotcut version 20.09.27.

This is already fixed for the next version due by the end of the month. You can get the beta.

For the current version, turn on the player grid image
and drag the image to the center.

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Awesome! Thank you for the quick response. The grid is a good work around!

This is still an issue in the latest beta for when the filter is applied in the Slideshow Generator.

Can this be fixed for release?

That is a separate issue. Slideshow generator does something wrong: it computes values suitable for Fit mode but sets Fill mode. You can change it to Fit yourself but then media sources smaller than video mode resolution will then not be upscaled (that is the core behavior of Fit mode). It is same behavior in 20.07 and 20.09 and will not be not be addressed in version 20.10. Slideshow should be changed to write filter values that are more compatible with how the filter UI works. However, it seems to be doing some tricks for the sake of simply making something that works if you do not intend to do a lot of tweaking. @brian

I am interesting in improving this. But I do not recreate it. Can someone provide simple instructions about how to recreate it using the beta and slideshow generator with Blur Pad?

  1. set a 16:9 Video Mode
  2. add a portrait photo to playlist
  3. select portrait photo in playlist
  4. Add Selected to Slideshow
  5. Aspect ratio conversion = Pad Black
  6. OK
  7. seek to first frame
  8. look at Filters
  9. save
  10. open MLT XML in a text editor
      <property name="transition.rect">00:00:00.000=0 0 1920 1080 1;00:00:09.960=-96 -54 2112 1188 1</property>
      <property name="transition.fill">1</property>
      <property name="transition.distort">0</property>
      <property name="transition.valign">middle</property>
      <property name="transition.halign">center</property>

See how the position and size are set for full frame and relying upon the affine filter to correctly apply the alignment. However, this filter’s UI does not expect this. When fill=1 it tries to follow the aspect ratio of the source. So, it draws the rectangle top left at the designated coordinates but changes the size to the source aspect ratio.

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