Size, position and rotate filter: move vertical or horizontal only

After digging the documents and tutorials, I still don’t know how to move the clip position vertically or horizontally. Some softwares use ctrl or shift to lock the direction. For now I can only use the x/y field manually.
And it will be nice if there is a way to snap the clip to the edge or the center of the video.

Select the Player zoom from fit to a percentage.


Select 2x2 Grid, and Snapping


You can do this with Zoom set to fit, but you need to follow the keyboard shortcut holding down shift to move the clip. Every time you select this filter, it always reminds you.

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Thanks for the tip. It’s not perfect but kind of close to the target. The grid will limit both the x and y direction step and the snap won’t separate the x and y effect. Also the grid and snap only affect the center point but not the edges.

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